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Credential Application Process

Credential Application Start Here

Credential Application


The first step in the application process is to submit your Credential Application. This process includes multiple elements:

1.) General Application to acquire important data about the applicant's biography, coach education, mentor coaching, experience hours. Applicant's must demonstrate the appropriate education, mentoring, and experience hours for the credential level for which applied. 

2.) References must submit an online reference form. References are required from 1.) Lead Pastor or Church Leader (a district leader if credentialed minister). 2.) A recent coaching client 3.) A coaching colleague. You must provide your references with the reference form link contained in your application.

3.) Application Fee is paid online at the time of submitting the Credential Application. The Application Fee is a one-time fee only. Annual credential renewal fee is $50 at every credential level. To upgrade your credential level there is a one time $50 upgrade fee.

4.) Performance Evaluation submission.

If you have an ICF Credential, use code ICF to receive a $100 discount on your new AGCC credential application.

Verification Process


All of the data you submit on your application will be verified by our Professional Coaches and Standards team. The team will be reviewing your education submissions, verifying mentor coaching, reviewing reference checks, etc. You may be contacted by our Professional Coaches and Standards team during this process.

Performance Evaluation Assessment


Every AGCC applicant without an ICF credential is required to submit a Performance Evaluation to be reviewed by an AGCC Assessor. Assessors will use the ICF Minimum Skill Requirements as the guide when evaluating applicants.


After application is made for AGCC credentials, the applicant will submit the necessary recorded coaching along with a transcript in English. If you do not have the ability to translate, AGCC can give recommendations for a translator. AGCC Levels 1 through 3 will submit one recording. Levels 4 and 5 must submit two recordings. The Performance Evaluation recordings must follow the ICF guidelines found here. ICF credentialed applicants will advance past this step.


Once the Performance Evaluation is submitted in appropriate format with proper transcript, an AGCC Assessor will review the recording in accordance with the ICF Minimum Skill Requirements. The entirety of this process once submitted takes about three weeks to complete. AGCC will notify the applicant of the findings by the Assessor, including strengths and potential areas for improvement. If the Performance Evaluation does not meet the Minimum Skill Requirements for the credential level applied for the applicant will have one opportunity to resubmit new recordings and transcripts for evaluation. If the Minimum Skill Requirements are not demonstrated at that time the applicant will be required to restart the application process at a later time.

AGCC Coach Knowledge Assessment

Every AGCC applicant without an ICF credential is required to complete an AGCC Coach Knowledge Assessment to determine knowledge of ICF coaching competencies and ethics as they relate to your involvement in AGCC.

The number of questions you are asked on the CKA are based on the credential level for which you are applying. You must score a 70% or above on the CKA to complete the application process. ICF credentialed coaches do not have to complete the AGCC CKA.

New Application Pricing

Credential Levels 1-3


Credential Levels 4-5


Associate Member


Levels 4 and 5 will require two recordings to be submitted with transcript. Associate membership does not carry a Coach Credential but carries select member benefits to aid in the growth of associated coaches and network opportunity.

Renewals & Upgrades

Annual Renewal


Credential Upgrade


Credential Upgrades

If you currently hold an AGCC credential and are ready to upgrade your credential, please complete the Credential Upgrade Application. There is a one time, non refundable, $150 fee to upgrade credentials.

Credential Upgrade Application (Click Here)

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