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Ethical Review Process

Committed to High Ethical Standards

The Assemblies of God Coaching Coalition (AGCC) is deeply committed to upholding strong ethical standards within the coaching profession, including a culture of honor, integrity, honesty, and transparency. To achieve this, AGCC has developed a Code of Ethics that promotes professional and ethical practices.

The AGCC acknowledges the need for a process where individuals can raise complaints against AGCC Professionals if they believe there has been a breach of ethics. This process is designed to maintain the highest level of professionalism in the coaching process and bring development to the AGCC Professional in question.

An AGCC Professional Must…


Honor our Lord Jesus Christ and practice Christian ethics


Affirm and commit to honoring the ethics and standards of AGCC


Affirm the Statement of Faith & Position Papers of The Assemblies of God


Have an AGCC Coaching Credential in good standing to maintain credential status

Elements of the Ethical Conduct Review Process

  1. Filling and Initial Review of the Complaint
    1. To initiate a complaint, the complainant must use the online complaint form.
    2. When AGCC Ethics Team Lead receives the complaint, it will be directed to the AGCC Professional Coaching and Standards Team Lead who will verify the individual named in the complaint is currently a AGCC Professional.
    3. If the individual named in the complaint is not a AGCC Professional, AGCC staff will notify complainant of such and advise that AGCC has no authority to act.
    4. If the individual named in the complaint is a AGCC Professional, the Ethics Team Leader will determine if the complaint warrants further investigation.

  2. Investigation
    1. The coach and the complainant will be notified by the AGCC Ethics Team Lead that an investigation will be held.
    2. The Ethics Team Leader will gather any additional information from all parties and prepare a written report with all the findings.

  3. Final Review
    1. A Review Board made up of the AGCC Director, Ethics Team Leader and the Professional Coaches & Standards Leader may gather additional information.
    2. The Review Board has the option, if the complaint warrants it, to add or substitute up to a total of five review board members.
    3. The Review Board will determine if a breach has occurred by a majority vote.
    4. If no breach has occurred, the case is closed, and all parties are informed.
    5. If a breach has occurred, the Review Board will determine the learning opportunities for the AGCC Professional.
    6. If the AGCC Professional accepts responsibility for the breach all parties are notified of the final decision in writing and a case is closed.
    7. If the AGCC Professional chooses not to accept the outcome, the AGCC Professional may appeal with a written request.

  4. Appeal
    1. The written appeal must be submitted to the Ethics Team Lead within one month and include additional information that was not included in the first report or evidence that was overlooked.
    2. The Review Board will look at the new information, determine if the case is to be reopened and the next steps to proceed.
    3. The findings of the Review Board will be final.


If the AGCC Professional does not accept the decision, an automatic loss of membership and AGCC credential will occur.

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