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Dianne McKim 

Precious Stones Coaching  Founder, CEO, President
Orangeburg, NY

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Orangeburg, NY
Precious Stones Coaching
Founder, CEO, President
62 Dutch Hollow Dr
Orangeburg, NY 10962

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Dianne is the CEO, President, & Founder of Precious Stones Coaching, offering award-winning leadership, career, life coaching, and consulting (located in the NY/NJ area).

Through her coaching, Dianne has helped people develop skills where there were gaps, work through difficult situations at their organizations, strategize ways to create and move toward their goals, move beyond self-imposed limitations, prepare for difficult conversations, identify areas of leadership growth and develop a plan to increase effectiveness as a leader, improve vertical and horizontal communications, define and implement their leadership style, set realistic and attainable goals, develop action plans to manage their workload for greater efficiency and productivity, overcome offenses, work through forgiveness, recover from divorce, get debt-free, grow their confidence, reduce stress, establish healthy boundaries, discover and apply their strengths, grow and deepen their faith journey, and embrace new approaches in life. 

Dianne provides a safe, non-judgmental space where you are free to work through your professional and personal situations. She exhibits a confident, supportive, and creative approach in every session, listening deeply to coach you effectively in the areas you want to focus on each time you meet. Her care and passion for her client’s success is evident in every interaction.

In her previous positions, Dianne successfully interacted at all corporate levels (including C-Levels). She was able to grow in her career and develop strong relationships with executives, management, peers, and team members, which allowed her to spearhead major projects while negotiating and navigating bureaucracy successfully. Dianne led teams, influenced peers, and mentored team members in the Fragrance, Agricultural Chemical, Barter, and IT Services industries from large Corporate publicly held companies to both large and small privately held companies.

Dianne is an abusive relationship survivor, having navigated through a long and difficult divorce, which resulted in her running a household, working full time the whole time, and raising children as a single mom for 14 years. She dealt with family issues, job losses and job searches, loss of relationships, a lack of confidence and very low self-esteem.


Over time, she rebuilt her life, rediscovered herself and strengthened her confidence. As she did, she learned how to stand strong in her abilities, understood her value and embraced her true identity. As her confidence grew, she discovered how to have professional success, personal contentment, and spiritual fulfillment. 


Today she walks in the freedom she was designed and created to enjoy. 

Dianne holds multiple certifications including: ICF Associate Certified Coach, AGCC3, Strengths Champion Certified Coach®, DiSC® Certified Coach, Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, Board Certified Mental Health Coach. She is the Director for the Bethany DivorceCare for Women Ministry, the Lead of the Christian Women’s Business Organization in the NY/NJ area, and the Team Lead for the AGCC Member Benefits Committee.

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